5 Tips for Using the Internet on a Boat

This week, we are joined for a guest post by Adam Ferraresi of We Follow Tech, who brings us 5 tips of how to use the internet on a boat. I am so glad Adam came to me with this idea! As a former Navy officer, I spent a lot of time at sea, often struggling to... read more

How to Spend Three Days in Singapore

So you have three days in Singapore! Singapore is the most unique and happening destination in the world and offers many things to its tourist. Known as the Lion City, it is also the business hub and many big companies have their headquarters here. It’s the... read more

Secrets of Hidden Sydney (Guest Post)

Growing up in Sydney, I still can’t say that I know my city from the inside out, and probably never will. The state of NSW is quite large and with that, there are always plenty of fun places to discover and experience. Some destinations take more effort to reach, than... read more

Five Hikes in Eifel National Park

Not the Eiffel Tower, but Eifel National Park in Germany is an underrated endless interconnection of green walking trails through the woods and creeks of northwestern Germany, near the Belgian and Dutch border. Mostly frequented by Dutch and German families on... read more

Dubai’s Secret Adventures (Guest Post)

Dubai’s Secret Adventures You will come across a lot of surprises if you are traveling to Dubai. There are various activities and things to do in Dubai which is surely going to entertain and enlighten you. In addition to that, the food in Dubai is very diverse... read more

Visiting Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

The iron gate saying Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Makes You Free) shut behind me. I stood baking in the July sun and humidity, in the dusty roll call grounds. I was visiting Dachau Concentration Camp memorial only 30 minutes from Munich. I am walking in the steps of my... read more


Hi, I’m Andrea. I’m a U.S. Navy veteran, graduate student and native New Yorker who has visited over 35 countries and lived in San Diego, Chicago, Boston, France, Switzerland, India, and Bahrain. I’ve been traveling my whole life—I had my first passport at 2 months when my parents decided to take me on vacation to Canada. I chose a life of adventure, and learned after my first deployment to Japan that life can be lived most richly by the motto “do something new every weekend.” It could be sky diving, or watching something new on Netflix, as long as you dare to break your routine.

I’m a Rescue Diver, former downhill ski-racer, and outdoor-lover with a weakness for preppy fashion. I’m also a United Airlines 1K flier who travels carry-on only with Osprey bags.

DCIM100GOPROAs an older millennial (who remembers when we were called Gen-Y), my travel style is somewhere in between the ultra-budget of younger backpackers and the luxury of dual-income couples and older solo travelers. I always have a limited time frame, whether it’s on paid time off from work, school breaks, or my four-month round-the-world trip. I travel with all my gadgets, and know how to pack fashionably and functionally for six months in a carry on. All of this together is part of my travel style: Flashpacking.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned with other travelers, and perhaps inspire you to try something that scares you!


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